To Restore 2 million hectares of degraded land in Indonesia by activating 1000 Bamboo Village based Industries.


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Fact : Indonesia suffers from 88 million hectares of degraded land

Cause : Shifting agriculture, deforestation, forest fires, etc

Effect : The earth will get hotter in areas of ample water, storm will get bigger and in areas lacking of water the drought will get longer, issues of large scale climate, flooding, refugees and mass extinction are a few among the major potential crisis to unchecked climate changes


“ We are going to create a village based on restoration economy ” - Arief Rabik


Defined : Empowering the rural community of Indonesia to become the champion of restoring degraded land through a village based bamboo industry
Benefit : 1000 Bamboo Villages will restore degraded land and help bamboo farmers to get added value of their bamboo
Result  : 2 million hectares degraded land will be restore while also improving the livelihood of rurel communities





Linda Garland was an internationally recognized interior designer, environmentalist and a leading advocate for bamboo promotion as a sustainable alternative to timber. She came to Indonesia in early 70s and decided to settle down in Bali. Not long after, she established an international interior design business and started to get in touch with bamboo in her design. She fell in love with bamboo instantly and used it as the signature of her products. Seeing the fact that bamboo was eco-friendly and sustainable, she was then determined that bamboo, with its many positive qualities – flexibility, environmental friendliness, rapid and relatively easy propagation, be recognized as a viable replacement building and industrial material internationally.  In 1993 she founded the Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF). Her prolific work within Indonesian communities were such a stimulus to the environment and village economies that in 1995 she was awarded the prestigious Upakarti Award, the highest recognition from the Indonesian government. She also received international Minamata Award and an honorary PhD from the Dehradun Forest Institute in India. Subsequently, she was declared one of the world’s top 50 designers by Architectural Digest. Her rigorous works left a clear track and inspiration for world to make bamboo a sustainable timber for live.


Arief Rabik is the founder of Indobamboo and currently the Director of Environmental Bamboo Foundation. He is a second generation bamboo specialist, following in the footsteps of his mother, Linda Garland. His connection with bamboo started in the early age of childhood. It grew even stronger as a teenager when he started to get involved in some of his mother’s project. At that time, he started to see bamboo not only as a source of toy material but it could also be a source of industrial materials, poverty alleviation, and even the source of life as it could hold much water and generate fresh air to breathe. From then on, Arief has made himself an environmental scientist in his own right with, up to now, over 20 years of experience in bamboo forest management and bamboo based industry. As Linda has been well-regarded for putting in place the ground work that made many giant leaps possible for industrialists, designers and scientists focused on bamboo, Arief, her son, makes a further step to initiate the 1000 Bamboo Villages Program together with ITTO and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia. He believes that community based bamboo agro forestry is the answer to overcome environmental concerns regarding the world diminishing tropical forest resources. This program has vibrated the environmental movement throughout the country and, in turn, the world. 



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